Cláudia C.

Accredited Dietitian (ADS)

'Geen last meer van mijn PDS'

(Engels) I had great pleasure in working with Claudia Vork for almost 8 months in Singapore. This was an intense period in both our lives. We were a team of 2 Claudias and together, we built a company that provides prescribed meals, in less than 6 months.

Claudia demonstrated to me how to cook better and more efficiently, exercising patience, and the strength never to take criticism personally and to process it in a constructive way. She has an incredible eye for detail. Even if its an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of small numbers, she will never miss any small details. She puts her heart and soul in everything that she does and does not get upset, if even after hours of working on something, that needs to be changed This is usually not because it’s imperfect, but because that’s how things worked in a startup.

Once we opened our kitchen and I started eating her meal creations everyday, my IBS symptoms went away...

She is a creative, organized and passionate person. No problem or limitation was too big for Claudia.
Her food creations were not only super delicious but also nutritionally perfect. I never imagined it was possible to have super healthy meals, that are low in salt but yet incredibly tasty and visually super attractive. Our startup company’s chef once said that her “food creations are like fine dining meals” and yet you can have them everyday and they keep you in your best health possible.

A personal note on my experience in trying Claudia’s food creations. I suffer from mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and before I began working with her, I had to follow a very strict diet called Low FODMAPs diet in order for my gut not to give me problems. Once we opened our kitchen and I started eating her meal creations everyday, my IBS symptoms went away, even though the meals had all the ingredients that would usually cause me issues. The way that Claudia put together all the meal ingredients and cooking methods, healed my gut in a way that I never thought possible..

I miss working with Claudia deeply, and I can guarantee to anyone who engages her services, that she will perform with heart, soul, a lot of taste and perfection!

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